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About us

ORO Lounge & Restaurant is located in the heart of Chisinau at the main entrance to Rose Valley Park, is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Many thanks to the chef and team for the birthday! It was interesting, fun and very tasty. Sensitive, attentive attention to detail. Wonderful holiday! Great staff.

Dorian Ungureanu

Great place, nice atmosphere, excellent cuisine and the most polite and good-natured staff ❤️ keep it up!

Lilly T


I am constantly in ORO. Gorgeous kitchen. Trained waiters. Polite and attentive administrators. The atmosphere of serenity and ease, for a cocktail in bad weather, you can spend the whole day there.

Andrea Burlacu

Our best specialties

Specialty pasta with squid, tiger prawns, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, thyme, in a creamy sauce with Pesto sauce

Special selection

From our menu

Benedict with spicy salmon Gravlax
120 MDL

Poached eggs on a crispy bun with Caesar sauce, Gravlax salmon, cherry tomatoes and classic Hollandaise sauce 1/220 gr

ORO salad
250 MDL

Seafood salad mix in chef's sauce 1/220 gr

Cream soup with spinach and shrimps
115 MDL

Spinach fried in olive oil with cream and shrimp 1/300/20 gr

Rizotto with seafood
240 MDL

Rizotto with seafood 1/350 gr

Strawberry tar tar with mascarpone cream
130 MDL

Strawberry tar tar and mascarpone cream 1/170 g

Benedict with chicken fillet
95 MDL

Poached eggs on a crispy bun with Caesar dressing. Chicken fillet, cherry tomatoes and classic Galand sauce 1/260 gr

Steak Tartar on Bone Marrow
195 MDL

Steak Tartar on Bone Marrow 1/150 gr

Salmon Gravlax
210 MDL

Norwegian salmon fillet marinated with Campari and orange peel, Served with chebatta and mango sauce 1/130/60/30 gr

Warm salad with roast beef and vegetables
195 MDL

Roast beef, salad mix with cob, eggplant, sweet pepper and red onion 1/320 gr

Cream soup with chicken and mushrooms
85 MDL

Chicken fillet, champignons and cream 1/300 gr

Our food philosophy

Our tips

First of all, we try not to restrict ourselves in our cooking. We like to try new things and mix flavours, and so a lot of our food is a crossover between various cultures. We also make everything from scratch ourselves, taking care to use all the food and reduce waste as much as possible. It’s very important to us that we never take any shortcuts while cooking and we are careful not to use pre-manufactured foods; we use only the best ingredients and put our heart and soul into every dish, qualities that we believe are reflected in the final result.

Oro Restaraunt ,
Decebal 34, Chisinau
Open: 11:50 am – 02:00pm

Weekend: 11:50 am – 05:00pm