Our chefs

Michael gordon
Assistant chef
Milton Bryant
Elisa Brinegarer
Assistant chef

I really like this place! Very tasty food and very good service! We are always served by Christy, Very good, attentive, professional! We spend every weekend at your place and have never regretted choosing this place!

Aliona Shaghina

I am constantly in ORO. Gorgeous kitchen. Trained waiters. Polite and attentive administrators. The atmosphere of serenity and ease, for a cocktail in bad weather, you can spend the whole day there.

Dorian Ungureanu

Mulțumim pentru seara fe-no-me-na-lă de ieri! Știu ce rămâne în culisele unor evenimente de asemenea amploare. Dincolo de prestația superbă a băieților de la The Motans, voi ați făcut o muncă enormă! Bravo echipei! ❤️ Așteptăm continuare.

Mirela Urușciuc

Event Planner

Oro Restaraunt ,
Decebal 34, Chisinau
Open: 11:50 am – 02:00pm

Weekend: 11:50 am – 05:00pm