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Philadelphia Salmon Caviar
280 MDL

Salmon, red caviar, avocado cream, Philadelphia, cucumbers, Nori, rice. 8 Piece

Tataki Salmon Shichimi
280 MDL

Salmon, shrimps, Shichimi sauce, Philadelphia, cucumbers, Nori, rice. 8 Piece

ORO Kaya
290 MDL

Salmon, avocado, mango-chili sauce, Shichimi sauce, eel fish, shrimps, Philadelphia, Nori, rice. 8 Piece

Golden Unakaya
360 MDL

Eel fish, tobico, gold leaves, Unaghi sauce, Philadelphia, salmon, nori. 8 Piece

Crunchy Tiger Shrimps
270 MDL

Shrimps, Unaghi sauce, cucumbers, Philadelphia, nori, rice. 8 Piece



Plate of cheese
310 MDL

Monsalvat, Grana Padano, Emmental, Brie, honey grapes and nuts. 1/160/30/110/30 gr

Plate of Italian salami
340 MDL

Milano salami, Bresaola, Jamon, Koppa 1/220 gr

Plate of fruits
310 MDL

Delicious assorted seasonal fruits 1/800 gr

Assorted bruschetta
200 MDL

With Gravlax salmon, roast beef, baked peppers, feta and grilled olives. 1/90/90/90 gr

Bruschetta with red caviar
275 MDL
Burrata all’Italiana
195 MDL

Cherry tomatoes, Pesto sauce, olive oil. 1/170 gr

Steak Tartar on Bone Marrow
220 MDL

Steak Tartar on Bone Marrow 1/150 gr

Salmon tartar
210 MDL

Salmon tartar 1/150 gr

Beef carpaccio
195 MDL

Served with mix of salad and parmesan chips 1/130 gr

Salmon Tataki
210 MDL

Salmon Tataki. 1/130/60 gr

Beef Tataki
250 MDL

Beef Tataki. 1/130/60 gr



ORO Salad
270 MDL

Mix of salad and seafood in chef’s sauce. 1/300/20 gr

Caesar with chicken
175 MDL

Chicken fillet, lettuce, Caesar sauce, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes, grissini, parmesan. 1/260 gr

Warm salad with beef and vegetables
195 MDL

Beef meat, mix of salad with squash, eggplant, sweet pepper and red onion. 1/320 gr

Greek Salad
125 MDL

Fresh vegetables with mix of salad, feta, olives and onion. 1/300 gr

Salad with shrimps and avocado in mango-chili sauce
220 MDL

Shrimps, mix of salad, avocado, cherry, mango-chili sauce. 1/250 gr



Spinach cream soup with shrimps
125 MDL

Spinach sautéed in olive oil with cream and shrimps. 1/300/20 gr

Chicken soup
85 MDL

With homemade noodles and fresh herbs 1/300/20/30 gr

Cream soup with mussels and salmon
160 MDL

Vegetables sautéed in olive oil with whipping, shrimps, mussels and salmon. 1/300 gr


Pasta handmade by ORO

Tagliatelle in truffle sauce
190 MDL

Pasta, parmesan, truffle paste 1/300 gr

Rigatoni with stracciatella and zucchini
180 MDL

Rigatoni with stracciatella and zucchini . 1/300 gr

Spaghetti a’lla Vongole
250 MDL

Spaghetti a’lla Vongole. 1/300 gr

Tortellini with chicken in truffle cream
170 MDL

Tortellini with chicken in truffle cream. 1/300 gr

Ravioli with salmon mousse
195 MDL

Ravioli in whipping and mushroom sauce. 1/300 gr

Ravioli with beef in truffle cream and stracciatella
220 MDL

Ravioli with beef in truffle cream and stracciatella. 1/300 gr


Seafood risotto
270 MDL

Rizotto with seafood 1/350 gr

Risotto with saffron and stracciatella
270 MDL

Risotto with saffron and stracciatella. 1/300 gr

Main courses

Mozzarella chicken fillet and celery cream
195 MDL

Chicken fillet with mozzarella, celery cream and bacon 1/200/100 gr

Duck breast in Teriyaki sauce with wild rice
240 MDL

Duck breast with sautéed vegetables with teriyaki sauce 1/350 gr

Jack Daniel's beef steak
290 MDL

Jack Daniel's beef steak. 1/400 gr

Beef medallion with truffle cream
390 MDL

Beef medallion with truffle cream. 1/300 gr

New Zealand rack of lamb
370 MDL

New Zealand rack of lamb. 1/300 gr


Salmon fillet with vegetable noodles and Teriyaki sauce
340 MDL

Salmon fillet with vegetable noodles and Teriyaki sauce 1/160/150 g

Sea bream all’Acqua Pazza
280 MDL

Sea bream all’Acqua Pazza. 1/360 gr


Seafood and lobster plate
1790 MDL

Lobster, octopus, tiger shrimps, mussels, sea shells, squid. 1/800 gr

Plate with seafood
1290 MDL

Tiger shrimps, squid, mussels, octopus, sea shells. 1/500 gr

Shrimps “Panko”
275 MDL

Tempura tiger shrimps and panko breadcrumbs, served with sweet chili sauce. 1/200 gr

Octopus like in Tuscany
350 MDL

Octopus like in Tuscany 1/300 gr

265 MDL

Thursday-Sunday only with pre-order (4 pieces)

Side dishes

Wild rice
100 MDL

Wild rice 1/200 gr

Grilled vegetables
100 MDL

Grilled vegetables. 1/250 gr

Potatoes in whipping and parmesan sauce
100 MDL

Potatoes in whipping and parmesan sauce. 1/250 gr

Asparagus (asparagi alla parmigiana)
150 MDL

Asparagus (asparagi alla parmigiana). 1/200 gr


ORO Tart
195 MDL

Dessert by ORO 1/170 gr

La Bella Vita
150 MDL

La Bella Vita. 1/170 gr

Italian Gelatto with caramelized hazelnuts
120 MDL

Italian Gelatto with caramelized hazelnuts. 1/170 gr

Tar tar with strawberries and mascarpone cream
130 MDL

Tar tar with strawberries and mascarpone cream. 1/170 gr

Strawberry tar tar with mascarpone cream
130 MDL

Strawberry tar tar and mascarpone cream 1/170 g


Coca – Cola without sugar 1/250ml
40 MDL
BUKOVINA still / sparkling 1/750ml
80 MDL
Juice in assortment 1/250ml
40 MDL
Borjomi 1/500ml
70 MDL
Aqua Panna 1/750ml
125 MDL
San Pellegrino 1/750ml
125 MDL
San Pellegrino 1/250ml
60 MDL
Evian 1/330ml
60 MDL
Thomas Henry 1/250ml
70 MDL

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